A Fast Track To Your Dream Job

Reffd is a referral based mobile app aimed to connect job seekers directly with employees who can refer you into their company.

The Job Search Challenge

How do you stand out in a crowded space?

Fewer Job Openings

There have historically always been more job seekers than job openings available. More often than not, applicants rarely hear back from employers from online job applications.

Loss of Human Touch

Due to the sheer volume of people looking for jobs, practices have moved completely digital, with algorithms and robots scanning thousands of resumes at once before your application ever reaches a real person. 

The Solution

Use Reffd to connect directly with employers at top companies who can refer you into open roles.

Skip the Queue

Cut through the noise that comes with traditional online job applications and have your profile seen by a diverse range of team members.

Access to curated pool of employers

Increase your chances of getting hired by telling your story directly to an highly engaged pool of employers who are willing and able to refer you to open roles.

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